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Pauanui Preschool is an all-day early childhood centre set in a very beautiful part of the Coromandel District, surrounded by stunning beaches and majestic mountain ranges.

Pauanui Pre-School

Hikuai School

We serve the educational needs of the greater Pauanui and Tairua area and have been doing so for over 100 years!


New Tairua to Hikuai School Bus Service


Free School Bus Service ... As of Term One 2017, as well as the existing bus service from Pauanui, Hikuai School will also  operate a free bus service for children from the Tairua area direct to Hikuai School. To find out more information about this new bus service and our school, please contact Hikuai School Principal Jared Stein on 864-7818 or email



Hikuai School


The Thames-Coromandel District is a special area and the role and responsibilities of the Thames-Coromandel District Council in retaining these special values have changed. The Local Government Act 2002 requires Councils to promote the social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing of their communities. This means that we need to look beyond the traditional role of councils. Wellbeing is about more than providing infrastructure - it involves working towards achieving the vision that our communities have identified for their future, and prompting their wellbeing. The Council's policies and activities all give consideration to the four facets of community well-being. In addition, they consider how they contribute to prompting and achieving the Community Outcomes which, in our district, reflect these four wellbeings.




A Civil Defence event can happen at any time and although we cannot predict when, where, or what damage they are going to cause, the best thing we can do is to be prepared. This can be as simple as putting together an emergency survival kit to knowing your local assembly and evacuation points.


An ongoing fire siren in Pauanui may be an indication that there is a Civil Defence warning in place. If this does occur, Council encourages residents to listen to National Radio or Coromandel More FM on 93.9fm.


In the case of a Civil Defence event, any emergency co-ordination will be based at the Fire Station on 60 Jubilee Drive. The assembly point will be the Sports and Recreation Club, located on Sheppard Avenue.


In the case of a tsunami warning, residents are encouraged to find higher ground. For more information or any other emergency management issues:




Tel: 07 865 0060


Address: 620 Port Road, Whangamata

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Pauanui Airfield Day / Annual Landing fee form
Pauanui Airfield Annual Landing fee form
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Pauanui Community Church

The Pauanui community church is situated alongside the shopping centre on Jubilee Drive. The church operates as a multi-denomination facility with Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Anglican, Catholic, and Special Youth services. The church is also a popular venue for Pauanui wedding ceremonies

Refuse Station

The Pauanui Transfer Station is located at 887 Hikuai Settlement Road. 


The opening hours are as follows:


Winter: Tuesday and Friday 1.30pm - 5.30pm

Summer : Monday - Friday 12.30pm - 5.30pm


Weekends and Public Holidays (All Year): 

Saturday 10.30am - 5.30pm

Sunday & Public Holidays 11.30am - 7.30pm 




To cater for the influx of people visiting Pauanui during the summer period, extra rubbish and recycling collection dates will be available. This information is available from the Council website


Tel: 07 864 7949